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How to Win Friends and Influence Business People


How to Win Friends and Influence Business People


The business world is shifting; and the "me first" attitude is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now the focus is on teamwork and achieving results through others. To succeed in this new environment you must learn how to lead with words and deeds to gain commitment and achieve organizational goals. We’ll show you how to effectively express your ideas and generate enthusiasm from managers, co-workers, staff, and clients.



5 Ways to Win Friends and Influence Business People:

Communicate professionally and confidently to achieve results
In today's digital world first impressions are no longer made the first time that you meet face to face.  Make sure that you are presenting a professional and confident image on your social networks.
Engage Others by Building Rapport, Asking Pertinent Questions, and Listening
Relationships drive business results.  Make sure you are using all of the resources at your disposal.  By building relationships you will be better equipped as a decision maker, problem solver, and person that delivers results! Remember, people support a world that they help create.  
Build Relationships and Deal Effectively with Difficult People
Your ability to deal with difficult people is critical to your success.  It only takes one negative attitude to affect the workplace or derail a project.  By building a culture of understanding you can keep projects on track and create a workforce that has common purpose and shared goals.  
Gain Cooperation and Influence People
Whether you are a manager or not, you still rely on others work to make you successful.  Your ablility to build relationships has a direct effect on producing results in the workplace.
Use Emotional Controls to Sustain Success
To be an effective leader you must manage your own stress.  Make sure to rest before you get tired, ensure you have time to relax each week, and get organized.  By developing good stress management habits you will be able to approach your work clearly and confidently.



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