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Rosemary Montoya

Service Administrator, Rush Enterprises in Oklahoma City

I am always looking for ways to improve myself, so I took advantage of an opportunity and signed up for the Dale Carnegie Course.  The course has helped me build my self-confidence in speaking with others and showing leadership.  I found the trainers to be especially dedicated and enthusiastic at each session.  I would definitely recommend Dale Carnegie Training of Oklahoma to any person or organization who want to create a strong and confident presence.


Brian Hilton

Assistant Parts Manager, Summit Truck Group in Oklahoma City

I would recommend Dale Carnegie Training to anyone that feels they need to improve their communication. Both professionally and personally, this course helped me to improve my workplace communication and become a better leader. The class also boosted my confidence when put into speaking situations. I feel anyone who wants to give their career a boost should enroll!


D._CatherDennis Cather

Director of Sales at an electronic manufacturing company

In 2006, I was a field representative who was given the opportunity to become an account manager.  Although I had no formal management experience, I wanted to be a successful leader.  My company believed in growing its employees and enrolled me in the Leadership Training for Managers Program offered by Dale Carnegie.  In this program, I learned the basic principles of both leadership and management.  In particular, I refined my systems for dealing with different kinds of people.

As my abilities expanded and I demonstrated further capability, I was promoted to Director of Quality Assurance and Process Improvement.  Having gotten significant value from my previous Dale Carnegie experience, I then enrolled in a program based on How to Win Friends and Influence People, the Dale Carnegie Course.  I found this helped to connect even more effectively with people. 

Moving into a more active sales position, I became responsible for growing business with large customers.  Not a person who naturally gravitated towards speeches, I once again turned to Dale Carnegie.  Through High Impact Presentations training, I became fluid at assembling thoughts and portraying them with confidence, poise and professionalism.  Rather than hesitating about opportunities to stand in front of people, I looked forward to them.

In this sales role, I also began reaching out to potential new customers.  Sales, cold calling, and other business development activities can have a negative connotation for many people and I wanted to ensure that I didn’t create that impression of myself or the company.  In Dale Carnegie’s Sales Advantage program, I developed a personal approach that adds value to every interaction with a potential customer. I strove to make the discussion truly worth their time, whether we did business together or not.

As a result of these ongoing studies, I have honed a powerful set of business skills.  My efforts have been recognized and rewarded with an official Certificate in Organizational Leadership and another in High Impact Sales Management from the University of Central Missouri, the alma mater of Dale Carnegie himself.

Today I am the Director of Sales for one of the world’s preeminent providers of message centers and LED lighting.  


Blake Cherry

High School Senior in Oklahoma City

Dale Carnegie gave me the experience and confidence to be myself in life and not hide behind other people.  My life before Dale Carnegie and after changed in the best way possible.

... This from Blake's mother, Vicki

The Dale Carnegie class was amazing for Blake!  He learned how to be happy with who he is and the confidence that gave him spilled over to so many areas of his life.  His grades improved, his commitment to tennis improved, and his friendships with peers became deeper and more meaningful.  The ability he gained through the class to talk to adults about any situation or issue has made navigating his way through the end of high school and meeting potential college coaches so much easier and less stressful.   The way he is able to deal with difficult situations with both peers and adults is most impressive, and those are skills learned directly from the Dale Carnegie class!


Paul Taylor

President, Taylor Valve Technology in Oklahoma City

Our employees need to deal well with conflict, differing opinions, and generally difficult situations.  This means they have to be highly engaged, tackle situations head-on, and communicate exceptionally well.  It's not just about getting the job done either.  They need to be genuine in every exchange because relationships are very important here at Taylor Valve.  The more we involve our employees with Dale Carnegie Training, the more effective they are in all of these situations.


Caleb Osberghaus

Manufacturing Company in Tulsa

My organization has seen monetary value increase directly due to my effective communication.  Customers and sales managers are much more satisfied.


Megan Douglas

Project Management Assistant in Tulsa

I am a better co-worker and have helped to try to develop more profit opportunities for the company through my gained self-confidence.


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