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If your company is like mine, you’ve been fortunate to attract a fair amount of quality talent over the years.  These are the individuals respected by everyone and have likely been targeted for a strong future with the company.  Dale Carnegie spent over 25 years trying to determine what causes a person to succeed when others just as talented find it difficult.  The results of his study revealed a consistency in the way these individuals behaved while interfacing with others.  The habits he documented were published in 1936 in the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  Soon after the book was released, Dale Carnegie got started with developing a method for teaching others to utilize these concepts.  Our trainers worldwide now deliver these proven concepts to over 480 participates per day.


Because of our expertise in 4 key areas 

  • We are experts building an emotional connection with people which creates lasting relationships
  • We professionally coach “key behaviors” that ignite a spark in creating engaged employees, improving individual communications, implementing behaviors required for succession planning, confidence to lead and contribute toward the accomplishment of goals tied to the company vision and mission
  • We instill a desire to live an intentional life promoting trust, credibility and respect
  • We provide proven guidelines to managing stress and conflict before it manages you


At Dale Carnegie Training, we've created a winning formula that includes teaching individuals to grow and leverage emotional connections while intentionally adopting behavioral changes that ultimately lead to better performance personally and professionally.



Emotional Connection

We all know that people are not logical but rather emotional.  Learning to harness these emotions to create relationships on making the people around you feel important creates an environment of innovation and success. Without relationships between managers and their direct reports, there is a real possibility of losing valued employees to your competition.  People more often leave managers, not companies.  It’s been said, “people may not remember the words used or why they were used but will always remember the way it made them feel.


Behavioral Connection & Intentional Life

Managers need to act like managers and adopt behaviors that instill confidence and direction in others.  The title you hold is not a free pass on gaining trust, credibility and respect.  These traits are earned not awarded by a title or position.  By developing an intentional and consistent behavior, you demonstrate through your actions who you are and set the standard for what you expect from others. 


Performance Outcomes

For over 100 years Dale Carnegie’s certified instructors have set the standard by which participants are recognized for making strides in the classroom and encouraged to implement these improvements at work and their personal life.  Our instruction teams are skilled in helping employees to find their potential and reach a higher level of success.  Stretching each participant to create a “Winning Experience” that some call “A Life Changing Experience” promoting a balance of individual contributions and teamwork.  This experience becomes contagious and builds team collaboration, promotes recognition and strengthens new relationships in the workplace.



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