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Exceeding Customer Expectations

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In order to turn customers into fans who will remain loyal to our product and service, and also spread the good word, we need to exceed expectations and provide exceptional customer service. We begin with an assessment of our customer service attitudes and take 100% responsibility for ourselves and the attitude we convey. We learn to understand expectations, what it looks like to go the extra mile, and what it takes to be a customer advocate.
To enhance relationships and build trust, we learn and practice a set of Dale Carnegie Principles that help us to maintain a friendly, low pressure and high service environment for our customers and keep ourselves productive and service-oriented throughout our day. We create approaches to maintain a positive attitude, even when dealing with difficult people and difficult issues.
Clear, concise communication is key to resolving customer issues. Here we learn a questioning model to help break through communication barriers to help customers articulate their reason for calling. We also learn a step by step approach to be sure our message is clear, our customer audience stays engaged, and we cover all the relevant points.
At the conclusion of this program, participants will know how to deliver excellent customer service, how to work with difficult customers, how to present clearly to customers, and how to stay engaged by taking care of themselves while taking care of others.

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Who Should Attend

This training is designed for any customer service based field
  • Newly hired customer service representatives
  • Experienced customer service representatives
  • Call coordinators and service dispatchers
  • Sales and customer service supervisors and managers


Day 1 - Module 1
  • Understand the obstacles we face and the rpersonal benefits of overcoming them
  • Learn and commit to apply a set of human relation principles to enhance relationships and build trust
  • Assess or attitude toward customer service
  • Build a foundation for cultivating strong customer relationships
Day 1 - Module 2
  • Improve our ability to interact with customers on the phone
  • Understand why customers complain, and learn a process to effectively resolve complaints
  • Put the complaint resolution process into practical application
Day 2 - Module 3
  • Practice dealing with complaints and exceeding customer expectations Learn and commit to apply a set of principles to reduce stress and worry
  • Learn techniques to become a strong presenter, including on the phone
Day 2 - Module 4
  • Celebrate your progress with a final role-playing exercise
  • Present a two minute report on your biggest benefit and specifically how it will help you improve customer service, strengthen relationships, and get more business
  • Prioritize an action plan for moving forward, and commit to it with a partner


1.4 CEUs

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