Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

5 Tips for Recognizing Success

Without proper rewards or recognition, a team can quickly become unmotivated. Incentives are essential to keep your fellow employees happy and engaged. However, each individual team member has their own wants and needs. As such, it’s crucial to make sure that the recognition or reward you provide is congruent with their achievement and personality. Here are five tips to ensure your team receives praise for each success. 
  1. Keep a record. Pay attention to each success on your team and recognize individual efforts. Identify your top performers and reward their achievements accordingly.

  2. Make recognition sincere. Ensure that the recognition you are giving is coming from a genuine place and comes across as so. Be specific with your praise as vague compliments come off as insincere.

  3. Match the reward to the achievement. It’s important to scale your rewards – better rewards for bigger accomplishments. If the same reward is given for minor and major successes alike, it can breed discontent and hurt motivation.

  4. Be spontaneous. When rewards become too predictable or expected, it diminishes their effectiveness. Provide top performers with a surprise lunch or gift card to their favorite store to keep them happy and engaged.

  5. Hold yourself accountable. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees motivated and engaged. Put in the time to learn about each of your team members so that you know what incentives and rewards are most attractive to them. When the time comes, provide successful employees with recognition and rewards that are specific to them.




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